New Robi SMS Pack 10 TK 450 SMS 30 Days

Hello Robi users, welcome to our website. Here we will give you the latest and updated information about Robi operators. I hope you come here to know Robi’s 10 Tk SMS package. Yes, you are in the actual place. Today we discussed Robi SMS pack 10 TK 450 SMS within 30 days.

Some people need an average amount of messages for 30 days. Thinking of them, Robi comes with the latest and hot offers. They give 450 SMS for 30 days only for 10 TK. Customers are very happy to get this budget-friendly attractive offer. To know about your desired pack, please read the whole article and rate us.

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Robi SMS Pack 10 TK:-

SMS package Net worth Activation Code Duration 
100 SMS Pack (off the net)10 TK *8666*1000#1 Day 
200 SMS Pack (prepaid)10 TK *123*6*5*6#3 Days 
450 SMS Pack (any net)10 TK *123*2*7*2#30 days 
500 SMS Pack (any operator)10 TK *123*2*7*2#30 Days 

To check out your SMS offer package, dial *222*12#, select your desired offer option, and follow the rules. After a few moments, you get your desired SMS Pack, including all vats. Or you copy your chosen Activation Code from our table, paste your dial pad, and then dial and follow the rules. After sometimes 10 TK SMS Pack will activate. 

Then you can enjoy the offer within the expiration date. You can do the same thing in the Robi app. To get these benefits, you have to download the Robi app from the play store. You will find all updated Robi offer in this app.

To know more SMS packages, you have to dial *123*6*5#. Robi also gives low, medium, and high SMS offers. If you want to know about them, please check out our website. 

Robi 10 TK SMS package for monthly service:

Robi always gives attractive offers, keeping the customers in mind. Thinking of Robi users, come with a budget-friendly monthly SMS package offer. If you are a Robi user, you can get 450 SMS for 30 days by spending only 10 TK, and through the offer, you will contact any network operator. You can only get a more attractive offer from an operator at a different price. 

Now come to the point, how can you get this offer? I will provide you with a very easy Code; just dial*123*2*7*2* and follow the rules. After sometimes you can enjoy the offer as you wish within the expiration date. 

For this facility, Robi will be the 2ND largest operator in Bangladesh. They will soon become number one for their need-base offer to the customers. Enjoy your time with the Robi operator, and feel free to ask anything about the Robi operator in our comment section.


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