New Hot Robi SMS Pack Offer List 2023 check today Robi sms offer

Welcome, dear Robi customers, today I am bringing you all the updated information on Robi SMS Pack. Expressing your feelings with your loved ones is now easier and more enjoyable with Robi Operator. Because Robi knows how important your loved ones and their needs are. So Robi is giving you low-price, long-term all sms packs. Like, all big bands start from 2 takes. 

Along with that, it is giving all the wonderful SMS packs to be used throughout the month. Always stay with Robi and also follow our site to buy your desired Robi SMS bundle within your budget. Because we always keep the information updated. Read the full text carefully to know more about Robi SMS Pack.

Robi sms pack 2023 (any number)

Robi operator offers various SMS packs for its subscribers. There are some of these. SMS pack from only Robi number to only Robi number. Again there is an opportunity to send sms from the Robi operator to any number. From below, you can collect the sms bundle and Enjoy the Robi to any number sms packs

200 SMS pack: You can send 200 SMS to any number within Bangladesh for Tk. 5. To activate this pack, dial *123*2*7*1# or recharge Tk. 5.

500 SMS pack: You can send 500 SMS to any number within Bangladesh for Tk. 10. To activate this pack, dial *123*2*7*2# or recharge Tk. 10.

1000 SMS pack: You can send 1000 SMS to any number within Bangladesh for Tk. 15. To activate this pack, dial *123*2*2*2#or recharge Tk. 15.

Robi 30 day sms pack

Robi gives you the opportunity to buy long-term SMS for less money. Robi offers various SMS packs for a period of 30 days. Here I have arranged Robi monthly sms packs along with a Robi sms offer for 30 days. Here you can buy your favorite monthly Robi sms pack.

Robi sms bundlePrice BDTDial CodeValidity  
200 SMS (Any operator)BDT 05*123*2*7*1#30 Days
500 SMS (Any operator)BDT 10*123*2*7*2#30 Days
1500 SMS (Any operator)BDT 20*123*2*7*3#30 Days 

SMS Pack for Robi 7 days

SMS Pack for Robi 7 days
SMS Pack for Robi 7 days

Are you looking for Robi’s weekly sms pack? Ok, here you are getting all the information about the Robi 7 Days SMS Pack. Follow the table below to know how much money and how many SMS.

SMS Pack 250 SMS (Robi – Robi/Airtel)
Price 15 TK 
Activation code *8666*07#
Duration 7 Days 

Robi mini sms pack 1 Tk

It seems surprising to hear if something happens for one rupee or not. Yes, it is a matter of surprise. Because Robi is giving 10 SMS for one rupee. All the details of the Robi 1 Tk sms pack are provided in a table below for your convenience.

SMS package Robi 10 SMS Code (any net)
Price 1 TK (including vat)
Activation Code *8666*1#
Duration 1 Hour 

Robi Short sms pack 2 Tk

If your phone has a balance of Rs. So even if you can’t open your mind with this amount of money. You can convey your thoughts to the waiting person through SMS. Know how to get Robi sms offer 2 Tk 100 sms.

SMS package Robi 100 SMS Code (any net)
Price 2 TK (including vat)
Activation Code *8666*1#
Duration 2 days 

Robi sms bundle pack 3 Tk

This Rs 3 SMS pack is a very popular pack. Robi operator offers you 40 SMS for Rs.3. Its duration is 24 hours. Follow the below information to buy Robi 3 Tk sms pack very easily.

SMS package Robi 40 SMS Code (any net)
Price 3 TK (including vat)
Activation Code *8666*40# 
Duration 1 day 

Robi Best sms pack 5 Tk

Robi always offers budget-friendly SMS packs to customers. One such pack is Robi 5 taka sms pack. Robi gives you 200 sms for 5 takas. You can definitely use it for a whole month. You will become a fan of the Robi 5 taka sms pack once you use it.

SMS package Robi 200 SMS Code (any net)
Price 5 TK (including vat)
Activation Code *123*2*7*1#
Duration 30 day 

Robi New sms pack 10 Tk

A few days ago Robi launched this new pack If you are a prepaid or postpaid customer. Then this pack is a great offer for you. You are getting 450 sms for just 10 takes. Robi 10 TK sms code pack details are given in the table below

SMS package Robi 450 SMS Code (any net)
Price 10 TK (including vat)
Activation Code *123*2*7*2#
Duration 30 day 

Robi’s latest sms pack is 20 Tk

Robi’s latest sms pack is 20 Tk
Robi’s latest sms pack is 20 Tk

If you want to get a big pack of SMS for 30 days. Then this pack from Robi is perfect for you. This is the largest pack among Robi’s SMS packs. Every Robi customer is aware of this pack and this pack is quite popular.

Because such a big SMS pack for the whole month at such a low price is really a matter of happiness. The information related to Robi sms pack 1400 is as follows.

SMS package Robi 1400 SMS Code (any net)
Price 20TK (including vat)
Activation Code *123*2*7*3#.
Duration 30-day 

Robi Operators International SMS Pack -2023

Numerous Bangladeshis now reside in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Japan, Singapore, Bahrain, Malaysia, and other nations. Rabi has given all expatriates a great opportunity to connect with their loved ones back home.

Robi offers a low-cost international SMS bundle pack for sending an SMS from Bangladesh to friends and family. Here, you can look over Robi International SMS Bundle Package Offer.

SMS packPriceActivation codeValidity
3 iSMSTk.3*8666*1 Day
5 iSMSTk.7*8666*3 Day
7 iSMSTk.7*8666*2 Day
8 iSMSTk.10*8666*5 Day

Robi All SMS Pack & Activation Codes-2023

Robi operator offers small and big SMS packs for the convenience of its customers. Likewise, we have arranged the activation codes and validity codes of all of Robi SMS offers together for your convenience.

So that you can launch the SMS bundle of your choice very easily. Just dial the codes on your device’s dial pad and enjoy the pack. One more thing is important to mention. If you want, you can launch all the offers from the My Robi app as well

SMS Pack RobiPrice BDTActivation CodeValidity
10 SMS (Any Net)BDT . 1*8666*1#1 hour
20 SMS (On-Off Net)BDT 3*8666*40#1 hour
100 (Any Net)BDT 6.9*123*6*5*4#1 day
100+20 MB (Any Net)BDT. 5*123*6*6*3#1 day
100 (Off-Net)BDT 10*8666*1000#1 day
100 (On NET)BDT 5*8666*5555#2 days
200 (Any Operator)BDT 5*123*2*7*1#30 day
200 (Prepaid)BDT 10*123*6*5*6#3 days
250 (Robi-Robi/Airtel)BDT 15*8666*07#7 days
350 SMS + 60 MB BDT 15*123 *6*6*4#3 days
400 SMS (Any Operator)BDT 12.18*123*6*5*6#1 day
500 (Any Operator)BDT 10*123*2*7*2#30 days
500 (Postpaid)BDT 12.18*123*2*2*1#30 days
500 (USSD)BDT 12*123*6*5*2#1 day
500 (Local)BDT 5*123*223#1 day
900 (Any Operator)BDT 30.44*8666*25#30 days
1000 (Postpaid)BDT 18.26*123*2*2*2#30 days
1500 SMS (Any Operator)BDT 20*123*2*7*3#30 days
1800 (On Net)BDT 158.28*8666*15000#28 days

How to purchase the Robi sms Bundle by App?

You can easily purchase the sms bundle of your choice from the My Robi app. For that, you need to follow some steps. I have arranged the steps step by step for your convenience. You can follow these steps to purchase the Robi SMS Bundle through their app:

  • First download and install the “My Robi App” from the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • After opening the app, sign in with your Robi account.
  • From the home screen, click on the “Purchase Packs” choice.
  • From the list of packs that are available, select the “SMS Pack” option.
  • Click the “Buy Now” button after selecting the SMS package that best meets your requirements.
  • If prompted, enter your PIN or fingerprint to confirm the purchase.
  • Robi will send you a message with a confirmation once the purchase is done.

It’s over! You have now successfully downloaded their app and purchased a Robi SMS package. If you want Robi sms to buy a code Please visit here.

How can I check Robi’s sms pack?

There are three easy ways to check Robi’s sms pack. Following this way you can check your sms pack.

First way:  You can check your SMS balance and its expiration date quickly by dialing *222*11# on your device.

Sound way: By dialing the same code number, *222*12#, you can check SMS package offers as well. You can get more sms bundle offer by dialing*123*6*5#.

Third way:  The alternate way is extremely basic. can view additional SMS messages by signing up for the My Robi app in the Google Play store. The details of your package are simple to see.

By the Robi sms check code and App you can know the details of your sms bundle.

Note: Robi Company may change any information about Robi SMS Package at any time. If that happens, we are ready to update our information as per Robi Company rules. So keep a regular eye on our website to get any updated information on the Robi operator.

Q: How do I purchase Robi 100 SMS?

Ans: You must purchase the Robi 100 SMS Offer for only 13.39 tK. To do so, dial *8999*90# for one day.

Q: What is Robi SMS Pack 5 TK 200 SMS’s code?

Ans: I’m sorry, Robi, but I won’t send you a 5 Tk 200 SMS pack. Robi gives you a 30-day SMS pack containing five takas. The SMS code for purchasing 5 Tk 180 is *123*2*7 *1#.

Q: What is the Robi 10 TK SMS code?

Ans: very well-liked and affordable SMS service that provides 450 Tk for 30 days. sms check code is *123*2*7*2# and checkig your equilibrium code *222*12#.

Q: How would I check my SMS pack?

Ans: You can easily check your Robi SMS bundle by dialling *222*11#. If you need to check more SMS offers, please download the MY Robi SMS app and check all of your SMS offer details.

Q: Is it possible to purchase multiple SMS bundles at once?

Ans: It is possible to purchase multiple SMS bundles simultaneously. However, each bundle’s validity may vary.

Q: Can I send messages to other operators with my SMS bundle?

 Ans: Yes, you can send messages to other operators with your SMS bundle.

Q: Can I make use of my SMS bundle while roaming?

Ans: No, your SMS bundle cannot be used while roaming. Any SMS messages you send while roaming will be charged at the standard roaming rates.

Q: What occurs in the event that I exhaust my SMS group before the legitimacy period?

Ans: Assuming you exhaust your SMS group before the legitimacy period, you will be charged at the standard SMS rate for any extra messages sent.

Q: Can I give another Robi user my SMS bundle?

Ans: You can’t give another Robi user your SMS bundle.

In Conclusion, Hopefully, I have been able to present all the information related to the Robi SMS Pack in front of you. If you have read this article completely. Then you can benefit from here. Enjoy Robi SMS offers and stay in touch with loved ones uninterrupted. Thank you, dear Robi fan. 

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