New Robi SMS Pack 2 TK 100 SMS 2023 update

Do you need a budget-friendly SMS Pack, or can’t find your desired mini pack? Okay, no problem. We are here to solve your problem. We discussed Robi’s valuable SMS Pack in our previous article.

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But today, we talked about the updated Robi mini SMS Pack. Many people don’t need to large SMS Pack. If so, they buy large SMS Packs; many SMS is auto-removed after the expiration date.

 It is one type of wasting money. So, Robi operator has come to us with a new budget-friendly SMS pack offer. They give Robi SMS Pack 2 TK 100 SMS offers to customers who need a mini SMS Pack as they can enjoy their desired SMS pack without wasting money. This article will discuss how to buy Robi 100 SMS Pack 2 TK. If you want to know, please read the full article.

Robi SMS Pack 2 TK 100 SMS 2023 Activation Code:

আমাদের কাছে পাবেন সব চাইতে কম দামে এয়ারটেল, রবি, বাংলালিংক, গ্রামীণফোন, টেলিটক এর সকল মিনিট, ইন্টারনেট এবং এসএমএস অফার সাথে ডিস্কাউন্ট প্যাকেজ আজকের অফার জানতে দ্রুত আমাদের ফেসবুক পেজে মেসেজ দিন।

Of course, it is a great surprise offer to Robi users to get 100 SMS by spending only 2 TK. People who need emergency SMS to contact anyone can get this pack at just face value. People can utilize this facility with only a Robi sim operator.

Only the Robi Sim operator gives the customer the most budget-friendly need-base offers. The offers are usable for 2 days; you can get them multiple times. 

Now come to the point, we tell you a very simple process to buy this hot offer. First, dial *8666*5555# on your dial pad and follow the rules. Then within a few times, you have got your desire SMS pack. Then you can enjoy it as you wish within expiration dates.

  • This package has a validity of 2 days
  • With (VAT + SD + SC) applicable
  • SMS Pack check code * 222 * 2 #

On our website, you will see more offers like 1 TK 10 SMS pack, 3 TK 40 SMS Pack, and 5 TK 180 SMS Pack in the Robi SMS package list. To know about them, please visit our website.

How to buy Robi’s sms package?

If you want to check Robi SMS, offer you have to go through a simple process. To check out the all-updated Robi SMS Package list, dial *222*12# then you can choose your suitable offer from the list. 

After choosing the correct one, select the number given and follow the rules. After sometimes you will get a usable offer. To check out more offer lists, dial*123*6*5# where you can get Robi to Robi and Robi to any operator SMS package facilities. Only Robi Sim users get these offer lists to use.

Robi Operator is the second broad company in Bangladesh. They gradually increase their audience with their hot and attractive offer. Among all operators in Bangladesh, they first begin their international SMS package offer, and It is unbelievable. We think they give more and more. 

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  1. ami qatar theke apnar Robi sms pack 2023 article ta dekhchi onek sotti robi sms ar offer gula onek valo korche and onek dam komiyeche. ami ki ai robi sms pack gula qatar amar desher manasher kache patathe parbo. janaben?


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