Small Robi SMS Pack 1 Tk 10 SMS 1 hour 2023

Hey, are you searching for an emergency SMS package for a low budget?? Okay, you are in the appropriate place to find your desired SMS pack. I think you like Robi 10 SMS Pack 1 TK offer. Recently Robi operator announced a hot emergency pack 1 Tk 10 SMS offer.

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Robi 10 SMS Pack 1 TK 2023 :-

 You can manage your situation by spending only 1 TK. Isn’t it unbelievable? Okay, no more waiting. I will tell you a very simple Code to get Robi 10 SMS pack 1 TK offer. I have arranged a table for you to understand clearly. 

SMS package Robi 10 SMS Code (any net)
Price 1 TK (including vat)
Activation Code *8666*1#
Duration 1 Hour 

To get this offer, you have to dial this activation Code on your dial pad, or you can copy the activation code from our table and paste it on your dial pad. Then follow the rules and enjoy the offer. 

You have another option in your hand. You can search Google Play Store by typing My Robi app and downloading it from there. Then you will find all the offers in one place in the Robi app. Then you can select Robi 10 SMS Pack 1 TK offer and buy this. 

How to check the 10 SMS 1 Tk Pack?

To check your SMS package, you have to dial *222*12# on your dial pad and follow the rules that have been given. Then you will see your SMS package. To get more SMS Pack, you can dial*123*6*5#. 


  1. How to purchase Robi 1 TK SMS package?

Ans: To get this 10 SMS 1 TK pack, dial *8666*1# on your dial pad and follow the rules that have been given. After a few times, you will get your desired Pack; then you can enjoy it within 1 hour.

  1. What is the validity time for this Pack?

          Ans: It is an emergency offer pack. You can use this 1 Tk sms pack within 1 hour.

  1. How to check unused SMS Packs?

            Ans: for checking your unused SMS Pack, dial *222*12# on your dial pad. Then you will see the unused SMS.   


Lastly, Robi 10 SMS Pack 1 TK offer is undoubtedly a need base offer for the customers. Not only the mini pack but also the Robi operator gives us a valuable monthly pack. If you want to check them, please visit our website and share your valuable opinion with us and feel free to ask anything about this topic in our comment section.

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