How to buy Robi sms pack with code

Are you a new Robi sim user, or are you finding the updated Robi Sim SMS package? If yes, then you are in the actual place. We will give the best and latest Robi Sim offers appropriate to the customer’s requirements.

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 The customer always wants the best offer at the lowest price, and Robi Sim operator gives them the most needed base offer among all Sim companies in Bangladesh. It is the second broad SIM company in Bangladesh. 

So, you can handle cheap and great SMS offer from the Robi operator. To know about how to buy the Robi Sms package, please read the whole article and follow us for more information.

Robi Sim SMS package list:

If you need clarification about getting the Robi Sim SMS package, see our list here and choose your suitable pack.

After that, dial *222*12# from your phone and buy your SMS pack. If you want more SMS packs, dial *123*6*5#. It is 24 hours available, and only Robi Sim users get this offer. 

Robi Sms pack buying code (2023):

SMS package(any network) Cost Buying CodeValidity 
100 SMS Pack (any network)1 TK.*123*6*5*3*1#1 Hour 
180 SMS Pack(any network) 5 Tk.*123*2*7*1#30 Days 
450 SMS Pack(any network) 10 Tk.*123*2*7*2#30 Days 
1400 SMS Pack(any network) 20 Tk.*123*2*7*3#30 Days 

E-Regular’s Robi SMS package in 2023:

SMS package Cost BDTActivation Code Validity 
10 SMS (any net)1 TK *8666*1#1 Hour 
20 SMS (on- off the net)3 TK *8666*40#1 Hour 
100 (any net) 6.9 TK *123*6*5*4#1 Day 
100+20MB (any net)5 TK *123*6*6*3#1Day 
100 (off-net)10 TK *8666*1000#1 Day 
100(on the net)5 TK *8666*5555#2 Days 
200 (any operator)5 TK *123*2*7*1#30 Days 
250 (Robi -Robi/Airtel)15 TK *8666*07#7 days 
350+60 MB 15 TK *123*6*6*4#3Days 
400 (any operator)12.18 TK *123*6*5*6#1Day 
500 (any operator)10 TK *123*2*7*2#30 Days 
500(postpaid)12.18 TK *123*2*2*1#30Days 
500(local)5 TK *123*223#1Day 
900(any operator)30.44 TK *8666*25#30 Days 
1000(postpaid)18.26 TK *123*2*2*2#30 Days 
1500(any operator)20 TK *123*2*7*3#30 Days 
1800(on the net)158.28 TK *8666*15000#28 Days 

You can get the offer multiple times. Robi sim operator also gives international SMS package as Bangladeshi immigrant gets the opportunity. You already know how to purchase the Robi Sim SMS package from the offer list.

Robi Sim operator gives the most valuable SMS Pack at a low cost, so customers get maximum benefits. Robi Sim users are increasing day by day for their great survival. Enjoy your day with the Robi Sim operator. Follow us for more information, and ask anything about this topic in the comment box.

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