New GP SMS Pack Any Number

Do you want to send an SMS to anyone in Bangladesh? GP SMS pack any number – GP has special offers for you! You can choose different SMS bundles based on your needs and budget. Whether for personal or professional use, GP offers great SMS offers just for you, including the GP sms pack for any local number. And we also share with you the GP sms code for any number.

GP to Any Number SMS Pack 2023

One of the best offers from GP is the GP to any number SMS pack. With this offer, you can send an SMS to any local number in Bangladesh, regardless of the company. It’s affordable and lasts for a long time. Here are the details in a table format:

Gp Sms Pack Any Local Number For 30 Days

If you want a longer offer, try the GP SMS pack for any local number for 30 days. You can send SMS to anyone in Bangladesh for a whole month. It’s reasonably priced and gives you a lot of SMS. Here are the details:

OfferGP SMS Pack for Any Local Number for 30 Days
Activation CodeDial *121*1015*11#
Price24 Tk
Number of SMS350
Validity30 days
SMS AnytimeYes
Balance Check CodeDial *566*2# or *566*18# or use the MyGP app
Repeat PurchaseYes
Available forPrepaid and Postpaid customers

Not available for Djuice, GP Public Phone, Village Phone, and Business Post Office users

These are the two best GP SMS pack offers for sending SMS to anyone in Bangladesh. You can choose the one you like and send an SMS to your friends, family, or anyone else. GP always wants to give you the best service. Don’t miss these amazing offers, get them now!

How to Check the Validity of Your GP SMS Pack

GP is a popular mobile company in Bangladesh. They have different SMS packs for their customers. If you use GP and want to know how long your SMS pack will last, here’s how you can check:


Go to the GP website ( Log in with your GP number and password. Click on “My Account” and then “SMS.” You will see how many SMS you have left and how much longer they will work.

My GP App: 

Use the GP app on your phone. Download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Register with your GP number. Open the app and tap on “My Plan.” Choose “SMS.” You will see how many SMS you have left & how long they will work.

USSD Code: 

You can also check by dialing a code from your GP number. The code depends on the type of SMS pack you bought. Here are some  general codes you can use like: Dial *566*2# or *566*18#

These are the ways to check the validity of your GP SMS offer. Choose the method you like best & keep sending messages to your friends & family!

Final Words:

Grameenphone (GP) is a well-liked mobile company in Bangladesh. They provide cheap GP SMS packs for any number, including local numbers. You can select from GP to any number SMS pack or GP SMS pack for any local number for 30 days according to your needs and budget. And these offers are not for certain user types and cannot be used for international SMS. 


Can I send GP SMS Pack to other GP numbers?

No, you can’t send GP SMS Pack to other GP numbers. It’s only for personal use.

Can I use the GP SMS Pack for international SMS?

No, you can’t use GP SMS Pack for international SMS. It’s only for local operator numbers.

Can I buy multiple GP SMS Packs simultaneously?

Yes, you can buy multiple GP SMS Packs at once. They will be added to your balance and extend the validity accordingly.

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