Hot GP SMS pack 1 Tk 25 SMS

More than 83 million people have chosen Grameenphone as their mobile operating service provider, which is now providing GP sms pack 1 tk. With the advancement of telecommunication services, Grameenphone has been updating their policies and services to ensure the best possible experience for the users. In this article, you will be learning about a lucrative sms pack that Grameenphone offers – GP sms packs 1 tk. Let’s get into the details!

GP sms packs 1 Tk activation code

Many people often ask whether it is possible to activate any sms pack with as a small amount as 1tk. When it comes to the monetary value of the present world, it is very normal to think that way. However, to your surprise, GP has brought about such a package which costs as little as 1 tk. Unbelievable, right?  

At this point,  you might be thinking, “Hold on! Tell me quickly about the activation process now”. Well, we will not be testing your patience anymore! The activation code looks as simple as this – *121*1015*2#. What you have to do now is dial the code and receive the sms confirmation!

Here’s a table for you, illustrating all the key information of the pack. 

PackCharge Activation code Usability 
25 sms1 tk*121*1015*2#GP to any operator 

How to buy GP 1 tk sms pack:

  • Simply dial *121*1015*2#.
  • Get the pack.
  • VATs and other charges are included 

There are some more key benefits about this package. To begin with, you can activate this GP 1 tk sms pack as many times as you wish. Besides, you can use the pack 24 hours a day. In addition, The texts that have been unused will automatically be added once you renew the package.  

GP sms packs 1 Tk balance check

At this phase, you might be wondering, “Well, I have activated GP 1 tk sms bundle. But how to check my package?”. Don’t worry! Here we are with the information you are looking for. There are basically 2 ways of checking the remaining sms and validity. You can choose either of the processes based on your convenience.

First, you can dial *566*18# and then you will receive a returning message where the information about your package will be given. Specifically, you will be notified about the remaining sms and the remaining validity of your bundle pack.

                      How to check GP 1 tk sms pack balance 
1. Dial *566*18#
2. See the balance details 

Second, you can download the MyGP app and log in to the app using your GP number. Once you enter the app, you will find the “Balance” option. You can know the amount of your remaining sms as well as the expiry date from there.

GP sms packs 1 tk for 1 day

So yeah, you are getting a validity of 24 hours once you activate GP 1 tk sms offer. But don’t worry if some of your texts remain unused after this 1 day is finished. Because those unused messages can be renewed if you buy this 1 tk sms pack again. So, this is always a win-win situation for you! 

Table: Validity of this package

PackValidity Cost 
25 sms1 day 1 tk

So, don’t delay anymore getting the pack activated!

GP sms pack 1 tk for 2 days

You may ask, “Can I extend the expiry date of my 1 tk sms bundle to 2 days?” To answer it, it is unfortunate that such flexibility of customization is not available at the moment. If any updating process of customization takes place, we will try to let you know.

GP sms pack 1 tk for 3 days

Unluckily, the GP 1 tk sms pack does not provide a validity of 3 days. If such customization is activated, we will try to notify you. Till then, you are requested to activate the GP 25 sms pack for 1 day.

Last words: A text of a few words can often express what thousands of oral utterances might fail to convey. So, if you are in the mood of texting rather than talking. it’s time to activate the GP 25 sms pack in 1 tk. Being absolutely affordable, it makes your communication more meaningful.

Enjoy the 1-tk chat!


Q. How can I increase my GP sms limit?

A. If you want to extend the time limit of your GP sms pack, you need to buy more sms bundles using Flexiplan. This is the only way out.

Q. How do I send a GP sms?

A. The process is very simple. Go to the message option. Type what you want to say. Finally, Select the contact number to whom you want to send the text. And that’s it, the text is gone!

Q. What is the sms rate in GP?

A. Unless you buy any sms pack, 0.5 tk will be deducted from your account per message. And, that’s huge. So, it would be wise to activate a sms pack.

Q. How many characters can I use in GP sms?

A.  For a single text, it is allowed to write up to 160 characters

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