GP 2000 SMS Offer 30 Days in 2023

GP 2000 SMS Offer 30 days in 2023 Grameenphone is one of the leading mobile operating companies in Bangladesh. It offers a number of packages ranging from internet bundles to sms packs. Today we will only be focusing on the latter – the green phone sms pack.

Specifically, you will get to know about the Grameen phone sms pack 2000 sms offer for 30 days in 2023 by reading this article. 

But In this paragraph, we will talk about a super helpful offer that Grameenphone provides – GP 2000 sms offer for 30 days! In this offer, you are going to get the package of 2000 sms for 30 days only in 20 tk! This is a very affordable and, at the same time, useful package.

Since you are getting a validity of 30 days in this package, you can use the allocated sms in a relaxed manner.

What’s more, This is an off-net sms pack! What that means is you can use this 2000 sms bundle to send texts from GP to GP or any other operators. So, this is going to be a fully-fledged GP sms pack for you! Let’s look at the details of this offer in a graphical form.

GP 20 tk 2000 sms bundle-2023

Package Charge Usability Expiry Activation code 
2000 sms20 tkGP to any operator30 days 8426

GP 2000 sms offers 30 days of free

Many of you are looking for a GP sms offer which is totally free of cost. Unfortunately, this 2000 sms pack is chargeable. However, this package is rightly priced at only 20 tk with a number of useful facilities for the users.

Once you get the advantage of this package, you will not, hopefully, mind spending the 20 tk. The price is worth the service! What’s more, the 30 days validity of this pack will allow you not to hurry up in order to finish your pack. You can do texting with your loved ones being at ease in terms of the time limit.

GP 2000 sms offers 30 days code

At this point, you might be wondering how to activate this 2000 sms bundle of GP. Relax and don’t worry! In this paragraph, we will guide you step-by-step to purchase this amazing sms pack.

How to buy GP 2000 sms bundle pack:

  1. Go to the sms option on your mobile phone.
  2. Type “s7”.
  3. Send the code to 8426.
  4. And, wait for the confirmation!

Once the confirmation message is received, you can start using the package for 30 days onward. The process doesn’t bring any hassle at all. Besides, you can use the pack for 24 hours. In addition, you are allowed to buy this 2000 sms offer as many times as you would need. So, avail this flexible offer now!

N.B.- This is a prepaid package. So, you must make sure that your account has 20 tk prior to activating the 2000 sms for 30 days.

GP 2000 sms offers 30 days check

After you are done with buying the 2000 sms bundle and you have already started using it, you may be thinking about how to check your remaining sms or days. We’re once again here with the solution! Going through this article, you will learn about the process and sms check code of this pack.

How to check my sms:

  1. Type *566*2# in your dial option.
  2. Dial the code.
  3. Wait for the returning sms.

In the returning sms, you will get to know the number of remaining sms that you can use further and the remaining days as well. If you want to renew the pack, you will also find that renewal code there.

ConclusionIn sum, the GP 2000 sms offer for 30 days is going to add tremendous value to both your work life and personal life. If you have any queries to ask regarding this 2000 sms pack, we would request you to go through the article once again or comment below the article. And, if you would like to share any information, you are welcome to do so.


Q. What is sms offer for 30 days in gp?

A. There are multiple 30-day offers that GP provides a 2000 sms pack for 20 tk is one of them. Write “s7” in your message option and send it to 8426 to activate this package.

Q. How do I check my GP sms limit?

A. There is an sms check code for GP users. To check the number of your remaining messages, please dial*566*2#.

Q. How many characters can you send in GP sms?

A. GP sms has a character limit too. You can write up to 160 characters in a single text. More than 160 characters will be counted as two messages or more depending on the number.

Q. Can I text other operators?

A. Of course, you can. As long as you use GP 2000 sms bundle pack for 30 days, it will give you the flexibility of sending messages from GP to any other operator.

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