New Robi SMS Pack 5 Tk 200 SMS 30 days code 2023 update 

Dear Robi SIM users, you have come to the right place if you want to get a long-duration sms pack at a low cost. You will surely be happy to know that Robi Telecom operator has already announced a Robi sms pack of 5 takes 200 sms for their valued customers at 5 TK.

Robi has ranked 2nd as a network service company in Bangladesh. They offer different offers like SMS, minutes, and MB at different times depending on the needs of their customers. Customers are also quite satisfied with their services, and Robi Telecom has a good reputation across the country.

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However, the offer can be availed seamlessly by all prepaid connection Robi customers. The long-term package of 200 sms is perfect for you at such a low price. If you want to avail this special Robi sms pack 5 TK 200 sms offer, then you have to scroll down to know how.

Robi 5 TK 200 SMS Pack 2023:-

No more waiting. Now know the details of Robi Telecom 200 SMS of 5 Tk in 2023. For your convenience, I have prepared a table below with all the information about this special offer of 5 Tk.

Offer Name:SMS Pack
Price:5 Taka
Validity:30 Days
Subscribe Code:*123*2*7*1#
Check Code:*222*12#

How To Activate Robi 5 TK 200 SMS Pack?

No need to get frustrated trying again and again to buy Robi’s SMS pack. You can buy the package of 200 SMS for Rs 5 in two easy ways.

Now you can activate all your offers using Robi app without any hassle. For this, you really want to follow a few stages.

  • First, go to the Google Play Store and install the Robi app on your device.
  • Then log in with your phone number/email address.
  • You will receive a code for a specific number through an SMS on your phone number.
  • Now verify with the code.

You can now see all the offers by logging into your Robi app. Select Robi 5 TK 200 SMS Pack from here and buy this pack for 30 days.

Or, by dialing this code *123*2*7*1#, you can enjoy this offer of 200 SMS for 5 TK.

How To Check Robi 200 SMS Pack?

Sometimes many people get confused that how many SMS are used and how many are left. It also happens that SMS has yet to be used. Because of not knowing, those smses expire. To get out of all these problems, you should know the pack’s balance sms and expiry date.

You can check the remaining sms and expiry in 2 ways.

1/ From the Robi app

2/ By dialing *222*12#.

Conditions of Use:

  • Dial *123*2*7*1# to activate this offer.
  • The pack is suitable for 30 days.
  • This SMS offer will only be available to Robi prepaid subscribers.
  • Dial *222*12# to check your SMS balance.
  • Customers can buy this offer multiple times.
  • It is available at any local operator.
  • You can use the SMS bundle for the entire day and night.
  • The cost of this bundle is 5 Tk.
  • 200 SMS offers are included in the bundle pack.


How to purchase Robi 5 Taka SMS?

Ans: The SMS Pack that is included in this package was gathered from Robi’s official website. In five days, this SMS offer will end. You can purchase these SMS packs from this location for five takas. Alternatively, you can purchase the bundle by dialing *123*2*7*1#.

Q: Is the 5TK pack monthly?

Ans: Yes, it is the monthly pack. You can use the sms pack for 30 days and 24 hours.

Q: Is it possible to check the unused sms at Robi?

Ans: It is possible to check your unused sms by dialing *222*12# Or from your Robi Apps.

Final word, Hopefully, the content is very helpful for you here. I will try to share all the essential info about the Robi sms pack 5 TK 200 sms pack as well as the code number. You can visit this website if you need more data about any SMS pack.

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  1. Vai artices to onek shundor chilo ami pore bujte parchi and robi sms pack 5 takae 200 sms ta o nichi and dekhi sms pake ta use kore kemon lage na hoy pore aru sms pack kinbo

  2. Vai বর্তমান এতো রাইতে 500 sms 60 টাকা দিয়ে কিনতে হয় এর কোন কারণ আছে কি দয়া করে একটু বলবে

  3. Vai বর্তমান এতো রাবিতে 500 sms 60 টাকা দিয়ে কিনতে হয় এর কোন কারণ আছে কি দয়া করে একটু বলবেন

  4. Vai বর্তমান এতো রবিতে 500 sms 60 টাকা দিয়ে কিনতে হয় এর কোন কারণ আছে কি দয়া করে একটু বলবেন

    • Hi Labip sir,
      ami apnar problem ta bujte parchi ai muhurte kun new offer calu nai.apni caile amader kach theke kom dame onek valo valo offer nite paren tar jonnoy fb page sms koren.


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